As a company, every decision we make directly impacts our planet, so it is our responsibility to minimize the carbon footprint and make the necessary adjustments to make a more sustainable world.
Our sustainability efforts started way before it became a norm.
We custom built our manufacturing facility with a green approach.

All of our formulas are cold processed. This process significantly reduces the  amount of energy and water used in our manufacturing facility x 365. Heated tanks require large amounts of energy to heat the oil that wraps around the tanks. Water is used to cool the formulas down. Avoiding heated formulas is one way we help reduce carbon footprint.

We use eco-friendly deionization water systems. This water system kills 100% of bacteria, removes any traces of contaminants and purifies the water, while reducing carbon footprint.

We use low energy LED lighting and air compressors to reduce energy consumption.

Nothing goes to waste. We reuse anything and everything in our factory, from pallets and boxes to containers used to store other ingredients. Even our drums are recycled or repurposed as storage containers.

We partner with forward-thinking vendors that offer sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients and packaging.

We use recyclable bottles and eco-friendly, reusable packaging.

We encourage our clients to recycle by providing rewards based free recycling programs.

We are continually researching new ways in order to keep on the path of sustainability. Every little effort we make helps our beautiful planet to continue to thrive. As a brand, as consumers, as distributors, we are all on this mission together, and our combined efforts, no matter how small, can make the world of difference.